“We innovate, or we dissipate.”


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Increase your chances for success by doing business inside of systemic upliftment. Gone are the days of building businesses soley in systemic oppression. Learn how to use our technology to build your website at our tech bootcamp, list your business on our directory, tell your friends in our social media community and let the Newbeings 1619 ecosystem go to work for you. Innovate or go extinct. Periodt!

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In times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers.” -Chadwick Boseman

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We stand on the shoulders of giants. Tubman, Douglass and King [TDK].

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“Don’t allow the things that you currently can’t do psychologically stop you from doing all the things you currently can do. Innovate or go extinct. Periodt! ”

Erskine Matthews

Solutions Architect – Enterprise Architect –  Design Ethicist –  Blackfuturist